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Here is our range of garden and terrace fountains and natural stone water walls. The variety of shapes, colours and sizes of stone allows us to create unique projects inspired by nature and our own ideas. They create a special atmosphere, both in the garden and on the terrace.

Each fountain or stone wall made in our workshop is unique. You will not find it elsewhere (in a supermarket, at your neighbour’s). How is that possible? Based on a conversation with the customer, upon listening to their expectations, we present different types of stones, colours, shapes, sizes. Then we try to match what has been selected to the target place – the customer’s garden or terrace. We also often advise on how to combine the existing garden with the new structure to maintain the outstanding style of the place.

Since each product is created from scratch and custom-made, it is not possible to have two identical pieces – from the moment the stone is selected in the mine, through its processing, intended use (fountain, stone wall, monolith) and the final shape.

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